Step 1 - Remove your ring sizer from the card and make sure the numbers are facing towards you.
Step 2 - Make a loop by placing the end through the buckle. Very similiar to how you would use a cable/zip tie, however this ring sizer will not lock as it is reusable. 
Step 3 - Slide the loop onto the finger you want measured, and pull the tab until it fits tight but comfortable. Wiggle your finger to test the size out.
Step 4 - This step is crucial. Please ensure that your chosen size can slip over the big knuckle on your designated finger. 
 Step 5 - Check the arrow on the buckle to get your size. The image above show a size 'W' for reference. 
Repeat this process as many times as you want on as many fingers as you like. Share it with your mates or keep it in your wallet. You never know when you might need to size up. 
FYI, your hands and fingers are likely to swell and shrink throughout the day, especially in VIC where it's not uncommon to get all 4 seasons in 24 hours.
We recommend doing this process at the end of the day when your hands are at their largest. Avoid doing it when you're cold as it could result in a smaller size than usual.
If you are stuck between sizes go the bigger one as your rings will be more comfortable slightly larger than a fraction smaller.
Once you've discovered your size, head on over to our ring collection to find your favourites or get started with your own custom piece
Feel free to reach out here if you have any questions!